Art Events

Funes Digital Art Exhibit/CSUSM Art Gallery Grand Opening. -Art Event #1 & #2

The grand opening for our new CSUSM Art Gallery was a huge success!! There was food tables donated from many of the restaurants from around the gallery. There was a live band playing instruments I have never seen before. The artwork inside the gallery was very nice. It consisted of all the Funes Digital art contest winners from over the years. Every piece had something to do with digital art, most of them were photos. The photography was very nice. One of my favorite artworks in the exhibit was a triptych photo made by Nancy DiBenedetto. The photos were of her beautiful four-year-old daughter playing dress up in the middle of the aftermath left by Hurricane Katrina. That photo turned something ugly into something beautiful. In one of the photos in the triptych, her daughter is wearing high heels that I assume are her mothers and just a tutu. Overall, the new art gallery and the first exhibit was fantastic! My artwork was displayed by the entrance to the gallery. The Old California Coffee House posted about the exhibit’s grand opening on their blog and put a photo on there with my artwork in it. Here’s the link!

VSAR 406- Instalation Art- Professor Hersko’s class. –Art Event #3
Masking Tape Shoes.

In the Lobby of the Arts Building, there was a glass cabinet full of what looked like normal shoes, but once I got closer to the case, I realized the shoes were made with masking tape and newspaper. A majority of the shoes looked very realistic, almost like they were real shoes covered in tape. I really enjoyed the TOMS shoe sculpture. The shoe looked identical to the TOMS shoe they were copying. The artist created dimension, shape, and depth by the angles they placed the tape strips in.

Spring Mixed Media Exhibit. CSUSM Off-Campus Art Gallery. –Art Event #4

This was the second exhibit at the new CSUSM Art Gallery in Restaurant Row. This show was a mixer of paintings, drawings, and sculptures made by art students at Cal State San Marcos. One of the artists, Natalie Shapiro, drew a portrait of her boyfriend with chalk on a large black canvas. It is very beautiful drawing and the fact that it is not permanent makes it more interesting; anyone could rub their hand across the canvas and it would change the look and emotion of the artwork.

House of Marley Presentation –Art Event #5 & #6
Talked to the class about my internship at the House of Marley.